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•40mm Roll Shutter
•55mm Roll Shutter
•58mm BERTHA™ End Retention Roll Shutter
•60mm Roll Shutter

When built into a new home Roll Shutters are virtually invisible and can be closed via electric motor. While in the closed position, they not only provide storm protection, they also protect from forced entry and theft. The system can be activated manually by crank or remotely using a motorized system.

The Patio Center can custom design and build Aluminum Accordion Shutters, Aluminum Bahama Shutters, Aluminum Colonial Shutters and also Aluminum Storm Panels.

Most homes have to utilize more than one type of shutter due to space and design. It is not uncommon to have Accordion Shutters on the windows, Roll-Ups on the sliding doors and Storm Panels on the standard entry doors. The type of protection that is right for your house is best determined by a professional.

Patio Center is a member of the American Shutter Systems Association and we can send a representative to give you a recommendation and quote for free.

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